YOU, ME AND SPINNING LIDS, a digital performance


During the past years I increasingly understand my practice as performative. The reason also being that my computer was overloaded and had to be repaired, which made me work in ‘the analog part of my studio’ for more time than originally planned. Parts couldn’t be delivered and I couldn’t work like I used too: flip-flopping from the physical to the digital and vice-versa. Happily I had already a lot of handcraft work lying ahead, so my hands, body and mind were challenged (as usual).

As I was working with a big bucket and ditto lid for my ‘tracing back‘ work, I started to play around with the spinning this lid. Once again I was triggered by the dynamics and my perception. Knowing that eyes function quite differently than a camera (lens), I pushed on record and started making some footage that combined into a digital performance. As sound became evenly important in my late developments, I focused again on building a soundscape from the physical turning sounds of the lid into an immersive sound ‘bath’. All may spin your eyelids as well.