WEIJ MYRO presenteert de Mega-Acousis

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Er is een kleurrijk boekje van dit experimentele onderzoek gemaakt. Dit is via het contactformulier op te vragen. Het kost inclusief verzending binnen Nederland slechts € 9,00.



WEIJ MYRO consists of artist duo Myrthe and Robin Weijers. Father and daughter use as many found objects as possible for their ecological experiments. Their artistic creations arise from care for the earth and the immediate environment. They create new work on the way to the Symbioscene with a positive and change-conscious attitude.

About the Symbioscene. This new era has been envisioned by environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht. He looked for new words for emotions associated with climate change. After the Anthropocene, in which humans and technology dominate, the Symbioscene will hopefully emerge. It forms a valuable vision of the future to give direction to change. We (re)search symbiotic coexistence, where all life forms really and equally matter.

About the Mega-Acousis. The idea is to become more aware of the soil, which we often carelessly take for granted. We came up with a prototype that allows us to literally look down to hear the earth. The Mega-Acousis is derived from the megaphone, but this is not a “horn for attention”, but an instrument for attentive listening. What we hear focuses outwards on the immediate surface. At the same time, this sensitive listening focuses on your inner self, where new sounds emerge. In addition to being a technical-functional device, the Mega-Acousis is also an awareness instrument.

Listening without eyes. The according film contains sound recordings by the Mega-Acousis. However, the film is predominantly a sound experience. It raises questions in the mean time.

  • Is watching more dominant than listening?
  • Does our contemporary culture determine a ranking of the senses?
  • What if we were guided only by our hearing?

Yet we made an installation of sound and image, in which you do not see what you hear.

With your own feet in the earth. Practice-based research is an experimental form of research that often results in artistic creations. Through sensory experience we find new questions that can become relevant. Sharing our work is hopefully symbiotic and inspiring.

A colorful booklet has been made of this experimental research. This can be requested via the contact form. It only costs € 9,00 including shipping within the Netherlands.

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