The water sensing installation ‘Traces of the Unfathomable’ consists of physical, digital and analogue interactive work and an according video film.

The father-daughter artist duo works together under the name WEIJ MYRO and uses as many found objects and situations as possible for their ecological experiments.

Myrthe and Robin experiment together to create meaningful art. For ‘kaalstaart’ they produced two works that merge into a total installation. This is located on the quay and connects to the water of the port of entry in Amersfoort. The duo found inspiration for this work in the I Ching.

Myrthe has taken the contrast between the feeling trigram of water (Yin Yang Yin) and the water boundary (Yang Yin Yin) as a starting point. How the water flows inscrutably is determined by other matter. The outcome is uncertain, the unconscious and the uncertain are addressed.

Robin is working on interactive sound installations for his project ‘Cage in the digital Age’. Like John Cage, he experiences the I Ching as an chance operation to test work for its universal value. The water and the public actions together form the surprising outcome of the interaction.

See here for videos and more images: WEIJ MYRO