Act 1

It is so valuable

What is happening

Things happen with things

In a uncertain play of ideas that travels through my domains

(They are yours too)

I try to address them here in solitude

But as I engage them

They play back their worlds in mine

It is about sense making

Not meaning I figure

Act 2

In the context of action verbs

of always moving thoughts,

of no-states-quo’s,

of becoming instead of being,

progress is made too

I realise what forces are driving me

New work initiates new ideas for new works

which are demanding thinking while I am on the move

It is pointing me

towards the middle of abstraction and narrative

where I would like to go

All is working

Act 3

There will be change in matter

Although it is hardly noticeable

Even my work is on the run

In its movement the continuous energy

Searching for duration in no time

Act 4

Reading material as a sur-face

Being on the slope of a landscape

Is it skin or meat inside

Our organisms are at stake

The network is at play

Act 5

Sensing the digital as a tunnel

The politics underneath a direction

Addictive worlds emerge

They travel light

And suddenly they are back in you