AS EYES CAN NOT SEE YOU (anthropocentric soup)

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The work ‘As Eyes Can Not See You (anthropocentric soup)’ comes in two parts. One is made in and above the water, the other on land. It shows in this way two environments that are manipulated and effected by man. As filmscreening the parts are shown in sequential order. In an spatial exhibition I prefer to show this as a diptych, so one could see the contrasting and mutual influencing parts at the same time.

The footage which is mostly governed by physical realtime effects, has been only slightly adapted in order to make the disregarded movements visible. By recording at 50 frames per second and playing it back a bit slower, the eyes will see the artefacts that easily may be plastic soup parts like the microplastics which are infiltrating in our food chain as well.

The second part is made by filming from a long bar, which in fact is the physical cause of the images turning round. This explains in a subtile way how we, the artist included, are inflicting our future environment with every footstep. Ending on a bunch of collected garbage, where my offspring has assembled what damage has been done already, it leads to a kind of a dystopian conclusion. The film stops in darker tones while the actual sticky problem continues.